The Journey Begins

Here we go.
Every journey begins with a single step.
We now find ourselves faced with
yet another opportunity to span the miles and the years, to be reunited on another campaign,
To pursue new and common interests,
to seek a method,
a pathway, to share the precious time our lives afford us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said our dear friend. Your enthusiasm makes us smile and proud to know you. "Your" journey begins!! Da gang from da U.P. eh

5:08 AM  
Blogger Buford said...

October 16th- 2005

Hello to all that occanional stop in here. I hope my entrys will be interesting to read over time to you all. since I bare no childern in my life time , I guess this is my way of leaving something behind for someone to read. My statement I was here. My experinces I had along the way on my road in life. I ve lived my dreams or atleast most of them.
Had some nice things put on my table too. Loved alot of people that have passed through my life for one reason or another. But my personal beliefs, that we all have a mission while we are here. Some of us dont find that misson till later in life then ponder why we didnt discover ourselves early? I ve kept on my mission and have known about since 1979. The year I picked up a camera. Though it didnt come to me right away. As I got more intrigued with this box, it allowed me to only begin to dare to dream.
Finding through education it supported my beliefs in a dream, my dream. One can do what ever they like in your life. What ever it is you do ? Do it with a Passion! My mission took me at that time to many places and good rich experiences with good few people who liked the same kinds of things, ideas of the great outdoors. Adventure, dare to dream the dream. Follow your dreams, seek them out they just may come true.

So after all these years this is my way of sharing with whom ever my lifes experinces. Just to say I was here and had a great time living my life with the people I incounterd along the way on my journey in life. And after all some would want to know just how did yo get yourself into that postion. How did you take that picture? It took how long? You waited all that time and got nothing , but atleast it was worth the attempt and the wait. I find there are 2 kinds of people in life that I ve come across, ones that want to watch life go marching by them and ones who want to participate. So now I ask you all a question about your own life? Do you want to be a spectator? Or a participint in life? I chose to Participate and live my dream. I ve supported those dreams through many means. Always where the people are not, and some that were. I am a caretaker of this place just as you are. Concerned about this earth while I am atleast here on it. It is through my pictures that I send a message. That we all need to do a better part in conservation . My missions have many side travels, that all bring me back to my mane mission and that is to photograph everything out there I incounter on my journey. Its up to you now if you choose to stop in every once in awhile to read my entrys, experiences . My wackey and wild moments. Thoughts of the day. Interesting times I had out there on the trail. As spectators you can read this and only think yourself? I need to go off and adventure. Have some fun in life while I am here. Have some true outdoorsey experiences I thought I would never do or think of . Make your mission to live a better life , healthier! Come away with some great adventures others would say you are plum crazy man! Have you lost it? No I just had the time of my life out there while living my dream. And shared it with all those who dared to dream!

So if you ve made it through all of this and took the time to read all of this mission statement, then my fellow trail buddy why not venture over to ctadventures website and see what I am talking about? Dare to dream eh? www.ctadventures.net .

ya eh? see you down the trail!

Buford T. porcupine

7:48 AM  

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