Home is where the heart is

Hello all fellow trailblazers,

Yes, there are no excuses for me being away except I love what we do. Funny how life can get so over whelming for all of us. With so much going on around the cabin and the area trying to take care of business as we say it, the monthly report just kept being put on the back burner. Too much and too little time. How many of us can identify with that one. Home is where the heart is for me. Summer ended, fall came and went and then winter set in. Making sure enough wood was stacked for one of the winters heat sources as well as getting other projects closed and wrapped up before the snow hit the ground. Phew, time to sit down in my ole rocker and stoke up the fireplace and catch my breath. Isn't that how we all feel after Thanksgiving came and went. Now to get back to giving the monthly report from the cold north. Several weeks ago we had again record cold temperatures. The coldest so far and this is only November was minus 27 degrees. Highs only getting to 6 above. Didn't make for wanting to get out in the cold and work but one just has to suck it up as we're living in Alaska. Snow has fallen with more expected in the next 24 - 48 hours. Winter storm watch in effect. Glad the pantry is stocked and the freezer full. What breaks I did get? I was off for a walk on the frozen lake, walking close to the edge of the shore. The quiet silence has brought only the sounds of crispy snow as I put one foot in front of the other. Stopping every so often to take a look around and scan the woods for any activity. Only a foxes tracks cross the lake leading to the other side and who knows where. Here sunrise is now about 10:36am as the sun peeks over the trees and the sun is setting around 3:30pm. So we get used to the dark a little earlier. In relaxing and taking care of inside business. Gosh does it ever stop or even slow down. Only if you want it to. It is very nice being inside where it's cozy and warm. One has to love the cabin ambiance. The smell of a wood fire, warmth filling the room. Listening to the crackling of the fire. Just relaxing as the rocking chair creaks every once in while. Don't we all wish this could be it. We just need to relax. Oh the work will still be there. Being away off on adventures, scouting and looking about, taking pictures as always and thinking how nice it would be at home. Listen to our hearts they're talking to us as we head into the busiest month with Christmas right around the corner. I know families are scattered with alot of distances in between. The thoughts are still there, remembering when all the family is under one roof and everyone comes together. But we still can't wait to get home. Home is where we can relax, slow down pause for a brief moment. Never forget what home means to each of us. Pause for a moment and look around your surroundings, be glad as to what you have as others are less fortunate. So with that in mind as the fire slowly dies out and the room gets darker, another day comes to an end. I will have to share with you next month some favorite pictures taken over the year of 2009 as we put a close to this year.

Hey take care all you outdoorsey trailblazers that don't stop just because it's winter.

Buford T. Porcupine


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