Spring has Sprung

As I sit in my favorite rocker and ponder the memories of March, I think, with spring comes more light, warmer tempertures and new life. Hello all, Yes, March is behind us. The Iditarod is over with Lance Mackey mushing to a 4th consecutive win. Spring sportshows are running almost back to back, drawing people out to get them excited about this coming summer. Snow in town is for the most part gone except for the mountainous mounds of snow in the parking lots; slowly melting away. Snow still surrounds the cabin well into the woods and ice is still covering the lakes. To walk on the soft white snow is more of an ankle catcher than it is worth. Though some of my visiting birds have left for the north , the remaining birds are still free entertainment. And I am staying off and away from frozen rivers! Having said that, here's the story!! I had this great idea to walk the ice bridges on the Little Su River that runs through one of my favorite state parks. Snowshoes on, up and over a few snow mounds, making our way down onto the Little Su, I'm leading the way with Destiny following behind. All is looking good, weather nice in the high thirties to low forties and the sun shining bright off the ice - almost blinding without sunglasses. That next step proved different, because the left leg went down through the snow through the ice and that is where I stopped. OOPs! As well as a few other choice words!! To make matters worse, the snow fell in around my leg and foot making it very difficult to get my leg/foot loose. Now the scrambling started, digging the snow away to try to get my leg back out. As I am digging I am hearing the sound of running water below me. This is not a good sign! My snowshoe broke a hole through the snow and ice just big enough to go through but not large enough to get my leg, foot and snowshoe out. Mean while Destiny is helping get my pack off, lending me her snowshoe poles to poke around down by the ice hole to make it just a little bigger so I could get out of this hole before the ice decided to break. After some fast moving and some success I was able to free my leg and get back up on some solid ice and get the heck off the frozen river - that appeared to be pretty and wonderful looking. The appeal of blue ice and wanting to take a closer look does have its draw-backs. Yes it's Spring , and time to STAY OFF the rivers! Though those of us who are still bitten to fish are on the lakes fishing away as long as the ice is still thick enough. Good for them, after my short experience, once is enough for me! I will not to go out on the ice so late in the season.

Warmer temperatures and longer light have kept me outside looking around watching Spring slowly make its way into Alaska, though it's an ugly time of year with all the dirty snow on the sides of the road and all the mud. But time is moving so quickly for us all, before you know it, the trees which are now budding, will have bloomed and a lot of the waterfowl I seek out will have returned. As well as that first sighting of the robin to let you know -Spring has Sprung. The kayaks can finally get uncovered. So I hope you all are ready for spring, whether you're out walking trying to get into shape for this Summer's adventures or you just need to get out of the house and feel the warmth of the sun on your face and skin, kinda feels nice, eh? Yes, it has been a long winter for us all.


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