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Everyone should come see Alaska at least once in their lifetime. When you think you may be planning a trip thisaway, check out USA Lodging & Hotels website.

These nice folks are currently using a few of my photos on their main Alaska page.

Once you get here, look me up. That's Buford T. Porcupine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW that shot of the eagle is just amazing. Do eagles 'pant' like dogs?

no such thing as a stupid question, right......

8:50 AM  
Blogger Buford said...

Well hello all! Just wanted to tell you while your in here, check out www.ctadventures.net . Here you will visit alot of the areas we ve been exploring. You can click on any of the main titles, and then onto a subtitles. There you will be able to see for instince what a view from the top of a mountain looks like, or be on a glacier. As always any of these places we ve visited are worth the adventure. Wheither you live up here or comming to Alaska for the first time.
Hey see you down the trail somewhere............. Buford

7:57 AM  
Blogger Buford said...

September 9th, 2005

Well to all of you who stop in for a look around, Let me share something with you. Being here comming up on a year , it dosnt seem possiable. Some days I scratch my head and wonder why I didnt make the trip many years ago.
My adventures have been worth every minute up here out on the trail. So some of you might ask yourself at what point in your life do you have everything you ever wanted, seen everything you ve every wanted to see, experience every thing you ve ever dreamed about? For me Alaska is everything and more.

In just less than a day now , 2 of my brothers will be making the trip north to Alaska, to spend time with me and my girlfriend. One comming from Ohio the other from Michigan. Though it will be just for one week, being united again and sharing with these two what has transpired in this last year and where all we ve been. When daylight breaks Sunday morning there world for a week will be an adventure come rain or shine.

Thoughts of flyfishing , maybe a short hike, or perhaps a road trip off to Denail. Either way life dosnt wait for anyone. It marches on. You can ask yourself ? Do I want to be a spectator in life or a participant?
To quote a famous line from a movie : Get busy living or Get busy Dieing. For these 2 brothers making the trip to see there brother , going off on an adventure , Going off to Alaska , is there adventure of a lifetime! Though as most learn on there first visit here, any length of time is not enough to truely see and experience Alaska.

Excited to see my two older brothers, I ' ll want to show them as much as I can. The picture of us wading in a river fly fishing for the first time together, fall coolness in the air, the sounds of the river running all around us, and thoughts of ..you knowing their are bears out there somewhere along the river looking for the trout just like you. Some how its still worth it. Oh yes life has its risk.

So next year comes along for you and your family. And the big break is comming up. That one or 2 week vaction earned is here. Go off to the cabin up north, same old same old. Break up winter and go south to Florida. Early summer pack up and go out west for vacation if in the gas prices every go down, ....or take a risk, go for a big time adventure?

ALASKA!!!!!!!! Need I say more?
Oh sure our week will go fast for us, but we will have had a adventure between us , being in several places here and there. And the memories these 2 will take back home will linger in there minds , waiting for yet another trip up here because one week just wont be enough. Well hang around in here enough and maybe I will have to post some pictures of our adventures, just to see what you;ve missed! Ya sure dont ya know.

Hey see you down the trail....

Buford T. Porcupine

9:39 PM  

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