November Chill

Hello to everyone who stops in for a look around. Well November was here and now gone. Seems like last year this time we got a cold snap that kept us all inside being so cold. Temperatures bottomed out to minus 20 to 30 degrees in the wee hours of the mornings only rising to the low teens. If one was into star gazing this was the month for it as they were out everynight just as bright and full along with the northern lights. Of course at those temps the layering of the right kind of clothing is always a must to brave the cold. Have yet to persue photographing in those cold temperatures at night as the comfort of the rocking chair by the fireplace is so much nicer.
But I do get out for sunrises right along with that cold nipping at my nose. Though it always seems I try to brave the cold for a few minutes hand holding that cold lens barrel. Then wonder why the fingers are so slow to warm up. Thank goodness for hot hands that one can put into your gloves as well as your boots. Ah relief. Being this far north though the sun won't show itself over the mountains until around 10:30 am. And then with a early sunset hope for the best by mid afternoon. The more north you go the less light you get - to no light at all for 6 months up in Barrow. Wow no light for 6 months. Darkness and more darkness followed by...darkness.
Still all this cold paints the many landscapes up here. Frost covering trees like icing on a cake. Just takes some looking around to seek out those wonderful frosty snowy early morning scenics worth getting out of that warm bed and dressing appropriately for. Only for the diehards who are passionate and crazy enough about their photography.

Well all, hope you are staying warm and getting outside for the winter adventures. Remember there's no such thing as bad weather just inadquate dressing. Well at least that's the code I stand by for doing the things I love persuing - even though the cold is here to stay for awhile.
See you down the trail somewhere.
Buford T. Porcupine


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