Fall in Motion

Well, here we are once again trail buddies. Fall is upon us. For many of you the colors are just starting where as ours are just about done. What has helped is all the rain we got this year to keep them around just a little longer. Why is it always this time of year we scramble to get ready for the coming winter months? Flying by all that color that is out speaking to us. We're all just too busy it seems to slow down for a real good look while it's there for our viewing pleasure.
I myself finding around the cabin, chores that I've put off as the result of trying to take in all the fall color I can. One last minute trip away - out of the area. Stacking of wood needs to be done, kayaks need to be put away, wishing there was just one more adventure seeking out returning waterfowl. And all those cloudy days and the rain that follows. And what about the garden? Days are getting shorter, sunrises are later and sunsets sooner. But we still are buzzing around in our busy lives. We speed by the various colors that are calling us to slow down, hey come take a look, while the tall trees still have it on display. Some of us get the message while others wait till it's too late. Or make the statement..."theres always next year."
Being very busy this summer out on many adventures to different areas, now I find well into the evening, relaxing in my favorite rocking chair by the fireplace wondering where the time has gone and thinking about all the things that need to get done before the first snow. Well I hope you all got to take some time and view the fall colors where ever they might be for you. I know I did and question did I get to see everything out there I wanted to see before heading in. I can only look back at all those wonderful pictures I took. Still we go rushing by and then scratch our heads in wonder.

See you down the trail somewhere,
Buford T. Porcupine


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