Abstract in Nature

Well thanks for stopping in and seeing what I'm up to again trailbuddies. Here around the cabin all the leaves have fallen, color is gone. Everything looks dull and drab waiting for the coming wintery months. But I still take off into the woods for a look around. One more hike off to somewhere. I always carry my camera with me heading down the trail. It's been my experience in the past as some of us have found out, that we will always come across some scenic or a wildlife subject we want to take a picture of and yet we don't have our camera with us. Now that we are past the fall colors, do we put the camera away until it snows? Since there's no more fall colors do we just give up looking or even trying ?
I guess it's one of those moments coming from sitting in my rocker deep in thought again. For one more look around in the woods to find something of interest. And there's always plenty for me to find! I've done just that! I wandered off into the woods just before sunset the other day and creatively looked at the woods in a differently than I've ever looked at them before. Seeing lines and shapes and the light coming from between them, aroused a new sensation in me I never thought I had.

Definition of Abstract: expressing a quality or characteristic apart from any specific object or instance.

When we can look deep inside ourselves and find the true artist. Being able to see past what is right in front of us, then only do the creative juices start to flow. In the coming days I will try to post more of my pictures from my hike off into the woods before sunset. What you will see are lines, shapes and patterns. Paintbrush strokes of the of the existing light that I had to work with. In the end you will know as I did, they're just trees - white birches and evergreens. We go by them everday and just take them for granted. I however, can sit back in my rocker and look at the results of these creative juices. Don't put the camera away just yet! So I hope this picture will only tease you to stop by again to look at an abstract way of seeing our trees.

Look forward to seeing you down the trail somewhere.

Buford T. Porcupine


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