Tea Time Anyone?

Tea Time anyone? Hello to all stopping in for a look around. Well snow is deep around the cabin with signs of a visiting moose through the woods. Saturday, January 13th was just a wonderful morning after the sun rose about 10:00am. So nice I sat outside in a chair with my friends that come for a daily visit. Temps were in the 20s. I sat there watching the chickadees fluttering about going after the sunflower seed I had laid out around me. Having a cup of tea enjoying the sights and the sounds of all the visiting birds. Well, I had one of these friendly little chickadees land on my teacup as if there were a treat inside for him. Which gave me a idea, why not put alittle seed inside and keep them curious. With a little luck and lot of patience for the birds, one landed right inside of my teacup! This was just too cute. And to say the least it was a wonderfully spent mid afternoon with the birds. As always one cannot be outside without a camera as you never know what you will be able to record with any adventure you choose. I hope all your adventures are as fruitful as this one.
Hey, see you down the trail somewhere,
Buford T. Porcupine


Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome pics Couz - stay warm

12:08 PM  

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