Bird in the Hand is better than...

December 30th 2006,

Well here we are again, finding ourselves down to the last day of the year before another one is about to start. Hello to all of you that stop for a visit to see what I've been up to. The month of December around the cabin was the usual chores; getting ready for the holidays, dressing up the ole place in christmas cheer and the preparations in the kitchen of all the holiday treats. Needless to say I was in the way and taste testing just alittle to much. Being kicked out, of course, I ended up where else...outside, which is fine by me. I can always find something to do outside, like feed my friends that come for their daily visits. Now with winter here and shorter days of light, in the evening I'm in my favorite spot - the rocking chair by the fireplace.

Reading is always educational and I find the older I get, especially over long winters, I read subjects that inspire my passion. Birds are just one of the many topics. Did you know that birding is a billion dollar industry? All of us who enjoy the birds I bet spend money on such things as bird feeders, sunflower seed, bird books to binoculars to view our favorite friends. One of many that come for a daily visit around here are the chickadees. Michigan even tried to change their state bird from the robin to the chickadee. If you stop to ponder the robin only flies up north for six months to find a mate, nest, help raise the newborns and then return south for the winter months. And it isn't even a friendly bird at that. Though I must admit the first sighting of a robin the northern regions means spring isn't to far off. Everyone can identify with the friendly chickadee. We all have our favorite memories of this bird, from a walk in the woods listening to their calls, to well into the fall hunt sitting at the base of the tree landing on the end of your gun barrel. They dart around our daily lives sometimes without notice. Not a day doesn't go by that I don't look for my friends at the feeders. Maybe you ought to just sit awhile and watch who shows up at your feeders and get to know the bird that calls out his name: chickadee chickadee chickadee eeee! But I take it one step more and like to go out and be with my friends. Once you've had the experience of a chickadee landing in your hand or on your hat, your life will be forever changed! These are cool little birds worthy of my time. To feel the flutter as they fly around my head, watch them land on my hand, be able to see the intricate details of this small little bird up close is absoulately wonderful!

Well, until next time those of you watching the birds, continue to enjoy them and maybe you too will get the experience of this fine little bird.

Buford T. Porcupine


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