Fall Slipping Away

In my youthful days as a teenager, I would recall my grandparents as well as my mother always making comments about how as you get older time seems to slip by. The seasons seem to pass much faster with every year. With that being said, here we are once again...Fall. Out of all of the seasons I would have to say Fall is my favorite. I love the smell that is in the air this time of year. Though I must admit, I do miss the mix of fall colors back in upper Michigan.
Here in Alaska we have the golden aspens, Birch and Evergreens that combined, make for a wonderful mix of colors. Although summer has past, it doesn't feel as if it even showed up this year. We received a lot of rain that kept me from getting out in my kayak to check on the loons as well as other waterfowl I love to photograph. Adventures did lead me to knew areas of Alaska I had never been to before. With all the rain that we received, I have said right along we will get an early start to winter. In my travels our first snow appeared on the mountain tops middle of September.
Fall time for me means early rises out looking for the spruce grouse as well as moose. Waterfowl of all kinds are flying south. Song birds know it's time to head out as well. Stacking wood for the winter use. Bon fires under a coolish night looking up at the stars. So much seems to be happening this time of year, a variety of mushrooms spring up around the cabin. Leaves are falling getting covered with morning dew droplets. Moose are just going into the rut. And of course that means hunting for the moose as well.
Making a trip up to one of my favorite areas to record the first snow on the mountains gets me excited about winter coming soon for us. I suppose then maybe I will slow down a bit. Finding myself spending more time in the rocker by the fireplace reflecting back on the adventures over this so called summer and the misadventures as well. I guess until the last leaf falls I will still treat everyday as a adventure chasing fall colors looking for the wildlife what ever that might be. So trailbuds I hope you are doing the same where ever you are. Making the effort to get out in what remains of...Fall. Maybe taking a trip north to view the fall colors. Getting with loved ones for a walk and taking in the variety of colors and that particular smell that is so fragrant out there right now. Soon the white stuff will be working itself down mountainsides and winter once again will be upon us. Another season will have passed. So trailbuds I hope you make the best of what is left of your fall as I am too.

Buford T. Porcupine


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