5 Degrees

Hello Trail buddies,

Life around the cabin here in Alaska has been quiet so far this winter. What little snow we've had has kept the moose up in higher elevations. The end of November has been cold. On this paticular morning, the thermometer read 5 degrees. Glancing out the window I could see frosted adventures dancing in my head. With that in mind I scurried to get ready for the cold, thinking of the macro possibilities I would encounter. With my camera, lens and tripod - out the door I went, slowly walking through the woods, looking in every direction and checking every little nook and cranny. I always ponder at each stop, scannng up and down trying not to miss anything.
One of my favorite berries is the high-bush cranberry. Always a treat to grab a shot of these red berries, which grow in shrub form. On this particular morning, these berries were frosted heavily and a perfect find to start the cold morning off right. Dressing right for such a cold occasion has never bothered me. My unwritten code that I live by is: no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate dressing and a motto anyone who truly lives for the outdoor adventures should adhere to. Making my way farther down the trail searching, a lone leaf lay just inside the snow, covered in frost. So far as the morning was moving along, there were endless opportunities and still more to stumble across. Sunrise comes later for us being this far up north, above and away from the rest of the lower 48. Sun was rising low through the trees from across the meadow, casting its golden light into all the right areas. Scanning sections where the sun was hitting I found an area of frosted field grasses encompassed by snow. I always seem to be taken away by such captive moments, totally emersing myself into whatever the subject might be I've stumbled across. As the morning burned away and the good light was now gone, with the cold still nipping at my exposed skin, mostly my face, I headed back to the cabin. Tossing in a few logs, sitting in my favorite rocker by the fireplace, I warmed up to the memories of this very cold morning. I hope all your winter adventures are good, warm experiences, even though it might be awfully cold out there. What fun would it be sitting inside, looking out at winter, letting it pass you by without some sort of adventure?

Well have fun this winter. See you down the trail,

Buford T. Porcupine


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