Saying Goodbye 2007

Hello all trailbuddies, Well here we are once again saying goodbye to another year. I am sure each of us wonder where the year has gone? Busy is a understatement at least for me, though this time of year around the cabin life slows down. Christmas cheer came and went along with all the food treats and celebrations. Winter is also a time of celebration. My hike through the woods reveals only the quietness of the woods, the sound of the wind swaying in the tree tops. I would stop and pause, my eyes scanning in between the aspens and evergreens all clumped with snow. Every branch covered in the white fluffy stuff that comes this time of year. My imagination runs wild as tree stumps encased in snow built up over time have now taken on the apperence of someones face or that of an animals head. From a distance a moose cow makes her way crossing the openness of the meadow heading for good browse and protection the willows offer. The afternoon hike draws to an end as the evening sky grows darker. Evidence from tracks in the snow left days earlier show a fox or coyote has passed through this area. As I continue to hike back towards the cabin in what remains of the light, all my thoughts ponder what this year has meant to me. Where the year has gone? What will the next year disclose to me as far as new adventures, undiscovered territories. All the chickadees have left the bird feeders, still heading for cover for the night, as I should do the same. Saying goodbye to the cold from my afternoon hike, saying hello to the darkness settling in. Tossing a couple of logs in the fireplace and bathe in the warm firelight, resting in the ole rocker is where I intend to celebrate saying goodbye to this years end. I wish you all happiness, Happy Holidays and new adventures for the new year to about to begin.

See you down the trail somewhere,
Buford T. Porcupine


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