The Color Red

Hello wintery trailbuds. Now that the over-stuffed feeling that too much food, too many desserts and loud conversation associated with the family getting together this time of year, also known as Thanksgiving, is behind us, we all can look forward to the next holiday...Christmas. Sitting in my favorite place, where else - the rocking chair by the fireplace. Staring deeply into the fire, the color red comes to my mind. Thoughts of the color red put me into the Christmas spirit. Red, I'm sure represents to many of us Christmas, Santa Claus in his red suit, his sleigh, the many bows and ribbons we put on so many things around the house for decorations. I also associate the color red with the great outdoors. My thoughts collect many images connected to many situations I go back and think about.
For instance: one of my favorite red hats I wear over winter, making my red hat a portable bird feeder that the black-capped chickadee's like to land on grabbing a sunflower seed. It's an interesting sound as they land on my head, almost like being in a tent listening to them poke around for just the right seed then flying off.

I think of the color red and drift away to the thoughts of the red cranberries I just photographed,

the common red polls that come to visit my bird feeders.

Though the hairy and downy woodpeckers are similar, smaller bird species from the pileated woodpecker, I see and photograph almost daily are black and white, males have a red crest on the back of their heads. They are still an interesting bird to watch, listening to their calls before they show up.

This year has been as in 2008, somewhat interesting as far as a new bird to my cabin. I have fallen in love with the male pine grosbeaks. Too many pictures I could show you on this bird. I find the pine grosbeaks somewhat comfortable with my presence watching them. The color red coming from this bird is just vibrant. I quite honestly cannot get enough of this bird, both viewing and photographing both the male and female pine grosbeaks.

All of the color red I see connected to the great outdoors is just inspirational to get me as well as you into the spirit of Christmas, which is just around the corner. Enjoy the holidays where ever you spend it.

See you down the trail somewhere,

Buford T. Porcupine


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