Oct 5th- So it begins

Hello trailbuds, well I don't know how the weather is where you're at, but let me tell you as of October 5th @ 5:00pm down came the snow in some of the biggest flakes I've seen in a long time. Yes here in the north...winter has started. But I know I will still use the ole firepit well into the middle of our winter. Just something about sitting at a roaring fire. Feeling the warmth, staring into the fire and feeling the cold as well. Bring on the winter I'm ready. Wood is stacked for both inside and out! Well I hope where ever you all are, you're getting ready for winter. Here we're just a few steps ahead of you all. Hey see you down the snowtrail somewhere.


Blogger sunshine unit said...

Hi Todd,
Come out to the eastern side of the state and meet us and Tim Redington sometime. He spent his life trapping and hunting up here, and while he still traps he has found a love for photographing the animals too. He gets really close to them and has some amazing pictures. You'd probably have a wonderful time with him. Tim's building a campground/hostel in Kenny Lake and keeps a small racing kennel of about 28 dogs.

Winter here is quite spectacular with the Wrangells right behind us. Check him out at campredington.com. (I'm Tim's webwriter and have build my yurts in his campground).

How'd you fare in the big storm?

3:58 PM  

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