"Snow Field"

This is a photo used in the Owl Calendar from an earlier post. Owls, as a photo subject require the photographer to have awareness of their environment. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to "find" such a great example of these mysterious birds.

The difficulty arises in needing to know their feeding habits and territory. The Arctic Owl, shown here, has little fear of man and typically does not see humans as a natural threat. So once you learn their nesting and feeding routines, they are rather easy to approach in the wild.

I have spent many hours building a portfolio of various species of owls that include Great Grey, Great Horned, Sawet, Long-earred, Barn,and Burrowing Owls. I hope to be able to post some more samples of these many unique species.

(Owl photo in the sidebar is an example of a Great Grey Owl. Thought you might be wondering....or maybe not.)


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