My New Pet

Hello trail buddies, For sometime now adventuring into the woods, I've been seeing moose tracks crossing back and forth through the woods behind the cabin. Though my trail is packed down, off the trail snow is deep. I stand 6ft 3 and off the trail without snowshoes, snow is up to my upper thigh. I've also seen new tracks around the cabin as well, which is exciting for me because I know the moose are around here.
Well traveling home yesterday I had a new visitor show up. And what a afternoon I had spending some good quality time with this big guy, 3 hours to be exact. It was obvious that he was very comfortable with my presence. And noticing the scabs just above his eyes, he must have dropped his antlers not to long ago. Moving slowly through the woods browsing off the willow tips, the deep snow didn't seem to even bother him. Like any animal I've ever pursued trying to photograph, I have a great deal of patience and persistence trying for the best ideal photos I can get from my subjects.

As always I pay a great deal of attention to ear and eye movement. Watching their body for any kind of stress that I might be creating. Now funny as this might be, I found talking to this male moose in a calming manner seemed to help me in this situation. As he made his way through the woods, I just crept along at a safe distince watching and educating myself as to how they browse. To be so close to such a magnificent creature that can weigh in up to 1800lbs and hear him muching on his willow treats - I was in heaven.

To see the muscle structure of an animal of this size up close was absoultely heart pounding. Towards the end of my 3 hours with him, he had made his way to a spot that must have suited him as he laid down for a nap. I, in turn headed back to the cabin to warm myself in my favorite rocking chair by the fireplace and reflect on the wonderful memories I just was granted and better yet, got in pictures. I think for anyone who loves the great outdoors and watching wildlife, memories like this experience will linger in their mind for quite sometime. Hope all your adventures are wonderful experiences and better yet capturing those moments on camera.

See you down the trail,

Buford T. Porcupine


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