The North Wind

Sorry for the post delay folks. There has been quite a chill in the air here in Alaska. I sent my longjohns to the dry cleaner for pressing and they still haven't come back. We'll get things back in form soon. In the meantime, there is now a new item added to the sidebar that may be of interest....

You can enter a free subscription to Buford!

I know...I know...you are all probably saying to yourself...."c'mon dude, nothing is free anymore"! As some of the locals might say, "au contraire". (Actually, locals in Paris or Quebec would say something like that.)

This is free...honest. So sign up and you'll be the first of your friends to know when the polar ice pack starts melting and other useful tidbits.

Gotta run now. I need to go to Home Depot to get replacement windows for my igloo.


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