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Hello all, well traces of fall are here up in the mountains. Though we are currently seeing 80s during the late afternoon , its still low 50s in the morning. Hard to believe its comming up on a year here. With these long days of sunlight I try to be out and scouting and looking for moose, bear what ever crosses my path early morning hikes.
The sight of mountains all around you in your hike is just breath taking. Sometimes its hard to believe I am truely here. But for all of you who have never been here, I am taking plenty of pictures for my slide stock for you. Oh dont worry by the time you get here there will still be plenty for you as well!

I am always imazed in my daily hikes and running into people and talking to them, there either so busy at home or life that finding the time to do a hike as I talk about seems next to impossiable. When do we in our daily lives say to our selfs, time to take a day off just for me. To look around, catch my breath before we just dont have the oppertunity to do so . I do it for the health of it! Remember as we get older life seems to go much faster.

What will a hike do for you? Unplug from daily life. The quiteness and beauty will serround you. The stress from your uneventful will be forgotton. Listen as you walk, hear the birds calling. Ask yourself can I identify that bird. What a challenge. Truely look around while out on your hike. look at all the fine memeroies you can take back with you . And there free. One just might want to do it again and again. I personaly look forward to the fall and all of its colors. Especialy now living here in Alaska. But I stay very busy with the outdoors with all my adventures and the photography. I admit I have a addiction a drug, and cant ever get enough of all of our beauty in any season!

Well all my readers that stop in for a look around, see you out on the trail somewhere!



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