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Well folks its like this, so far in the remaining days of August we ve recieved alot of rain. Oh the days are cooling alittle . The morning temps have been around low 50s with the day getting up to 60s. Hate to say it but the cooler days are slowly creeping up on us. Now just down to 14hours of daylight and some odd minutes, we can still make the best of our daylight dreaming away about fishing or early hunting if thats what you like to do.
I prefer to go for a hike or scout around the area looking for migrating waterfowl or birds. Maybe catch a early morning glimpse of a moose would be nice. Tips of trees now starting to turn to the yellows and gold that will soon be painting everything to the look of fall. How many of us remember looking up to the skies and seeing the candian geese flying south. Or maybe the sqauking comming from the sandhill cranes flying over head. Dont forget on those stressful days take time out and go on a hike release the days uneventful moments . As the fall wind blows releasing all the leafs putting them to bed, were reminded with coolness of the air that feels our lungs, winter is not to far off. Shorter days will be upon us. Stacking wood for the long winter ahead. Saying good bye to summers end. Closing up the cabin on the lake and catching the the last sounds of the loons soon to be heading south.
I look forward to thoughts of landscapes coverd in white. Mountain peeks all capped. A stillness about as the land quietly sleeps. Getting the snowshoes out and ready to go look for Ptarmigan that are brown soon to be turning white for the winters camoflouge. I am constintly reminding myself a good day outside is better than a bad day in the office!
Well all no such thing as bad weather just inadequate dressing! See you down the trail.

Buford T. Porcupine


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