I call him..Fred

Good Morning all. Well this big guy is still hanging around the cabin. And that's ok by me. How else are you going to get to know your local moose? His visit over this winter has made my winter just alittle more interesting. I decided to call him...Fred! He dosn't seem to mind me at all. Acknowledging my presence with a look at me as if he were saying: can't keep up with me in this deep snow? Now it is unfortunate that our local news up here, has reported 169 moose have been hit since July off our highways. Asking only of the drivers to slow down and give the moose a break! Makes sense. Since alot of Alaskans hunt here, moose is at the top of the list for putting meat on the table. Yet we're all so very busy and drive way to fast, leaving for somewhere way to late. What's the answer? I am all too excited to have spent as much time as I have with Fred, knowing in a world that goes way to fast and won't even slow down for such a wonderful creature that we choose to view and even hunt. Well some things just never change. I am all too glad for the memories I've been able to capture of this moose who hasn't been hit yet. Well I'm off down the trail to see if I can't spend some more time with Fred.

Hey see you down the trail somewhere. Buford T.Porcupine


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