Buford - Fireplace Chat

Well here we are on the eve of labor day weekend. Another summer gone. Upon getting out this morning and looking about, I did a head turner. When my eyes had looked to the sight of the Mountains, to my suprise there way up on the tips of some mountains.....snow! Yes with all the rain we ve had who would suspect we would get some of that white stuff. Well its that time of year up here that marks what is comming down the pike for us.
Oh for many of us in other parts of the country, its still green . Ya sure if you are a flatlander dont ya know. But when I tell others down below the find it hard to believe. I guess you just got to look at a map of the United states and remeber where we are Alaska , to the rest of the world down below. Fishing has slowed I hear and attentions turned to hunting . Well guess its time to work on piling wood in the da wood shed, get ready for the cooler months.
Hey still time to hit the trail and seek out some early fall colors. Well see yous down the trail!


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