Buford - Fireplace Chat

Well hello to you all trail buddys out there. Yesterdays afternoon adventure lead me off to one of my favorite areas around here, Hatchers Pass. Now it is told around these parts here, if you see on the Mountain tops you can expect snow in about 6 weeks .
While most of the leaves are off the trees, some still cling on for last minute fall out. Oh ya eh the color is all gone except but a few trees. But as the drive you take up into Hatchers Pass, rivers are high due to alot of rain we ve recieved lately. Seen a couple of guys kayaking the river bouncing on down through , but its not my type of Kayaking I prefer to do.

Then your eyes kinda head off up high and as my reaction was, Wow look at all the snow up on the mountain tops! Now on our ride up towards the top area, we always till they close the gates to the summit lake area have to check it out. Oh ya you got to stop and put da truck into 4 wheel drive. But it was slow going and being cautious that got us to the top.
Windy and cold, berrr. Took the camera out and snapped a few pictures just to record the first new fallen snow that covered everything white up there. I am sure the park will close the pass soon as there are no guard rails up there to keep you from going over if your not careful. Spent enough time up there to get what I was after and slowly crept down. You will just have to stop another website to check out the pictures from that ride. www.ctadventures.net . Then into Hatchers Pass- Summit lake !

But as I find out not everyone is into Mountains and climbing around up there like some darn ole mountain goat as I hope to turn into with age. And thats ok. But trail buddys let me tell you , oh what a view!!!! The fact that you did the climb and got your heart pumping for the first time. The adreniline is flowing , step by step up you go , you make it to the top . Your reward is the view to down below. Makes aware of how small you are in this world. A mere speck on the side of a mountain.
Well once back home to the cabin and warming by a nice fire, I can only reflect on these thoughts and share them with you.

Hey see you out on the the winter trail up here. Hope you got your snowshoes ready.

Buford T. Porcupine

P.S. Quilbert has gone in for the winter, though he comes out occasionally to look around and snack on some buds.


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