Buford T. Porcupine's Wild and Wacky Adventures: A Mountainside Hello

December 27th 2005

Well to all my wery trailbuddys stopping in, Hope you all had a good Christmas! Were past one important date up here. Its called solstice day. December 21st. Now we all can get excitied. We start gaining a second or two each day of light . But still this time of year one must get use to the long dark drear days even though we are gaining that second. Yes would be nice to see the sun.

I spend my days around the cabin doing things to keep me occupied , while taking a little time off and going off up into the Mountains. Been a strange winter here so far, No snow down below to speak of. Even the farthest point to the north Point Barrow has had tempitures of just single digits and minus singles at night . Just unheard of! It certainly makes me aware that we have alterd our weather pattern up here. Many of the elders I ve talked to that have been here right along notice the changes.
Everyday in the paper I ve been reading about the north Pole decreasing in size. Now supposively true north isnt true north anymore. just off by a few degrees. Northern lights drifting and may soon be lost only to be seen over in Russia, Siberia. Good lord people look around you! Yes by the turn of century were going to witness many changes in our planet. Still as I sit back in my rocking chair, the smell of the smoke comming from the fireplace, I reflect on why a made the adventure up here to Alaska. Thee last great frontier! I try to spend as much time as I can moving around about the area always looking for something of the wildlife.

Its a good thing for each of us to have our outlet. Something that very something, that takes you away from the maddness of the everyday routine each and everyone of us does. Mine is and always has been the greatout doors! For some it may birding , hiking down a trail. This time of year up here, heading off to the mountains to cross country ski, snowboard or my favorite snowshoe. It just makes my day to head off down the trail to look about. The fresh air filling my lungs. Just the sight of the Mountains serrounding me. Always daring and dreaming of that one high point I havent hiked up to yet. And yet all the hard work your body goes through, the ultimate reward is the view from the top to the world below. Everything looks so small insignificant to you . One soaks the view in , locks it into their memory bank to relish later on down off the Mountain side. Once back at the cabin , a log into the fireplace and a restful sit in that ol rocking chair. Somehow seems all worth it.

Well not to much longer and another year will have passed. My where has the time in each of our lives gone? Time is passing so quickly. 8 hours days seem to speed through the day. Hard to believe another week is gone. Holidays krept up on us and now are just a memory. The new year just about on us . Soon the new next year will be here 2006. Then comes the 4 more months of winter if we even get one. We look forward to spring thinking we will slow down there to alittle bit too. Na we never relly slow down do we?
Hey do yourself a favor! Take some time out, put on the hiking boots. Go for a breathier. Get some fresh air to your lungs. Listen to what the outdoors has to offer. Hear the music the wind makes while walking through the woods. The chickidee calling you out of your everyday pace you so much keep. Its been my anti drug for as long as I can remember! Is it yours?

Hey see you down the trail somewhere!

Buford T. Porcupine


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