Buford - Fireplace Chat

Well folks , just off the trail checking out some of my old favorite hot spots up here. Though the mountains have snow , I ve found that those dedicated will park and make the hike up to higher grounds to snow board. The little su river that runs out of the mountains is showing great scenes of ice build up. I ve found many oppertunites in varis spots to seek out great photography shots. Many macro oppertunitys to seek out the hidden pictures that lay waitng to be found.
And as we all know , this weekend we go through the time change. So now....we even get less light to work with. We will be down shortly to about 4 hours of light . Kinda makes me stay in and get more down in the cabin. And comming in late last night from a day of travel, unfortunitly though we in our travels havent seen any moose, came across a cow that was crossing the road and apparently got hit.
It was standing off to the side with its rear to the on comming lane, the pile of fur left in the road side would suggest that its got a sore rump! Ouch. Though I will continue to look for this moose, theres always the pictures in the front page of the Anchorge press of moose bulls taken up in a place in Anchoge called: Hillside. Yet to go and investigate this area. Will have to do this soon I suspect.
So in the mean time as we wait for the snow to eventuly make down to the level ground, we venture off to the mountains still to record the comming winters bliss! YOU.. what are yous all up to?

Well got to go through a log in the fireplace heat up the cabin! Hey see you down the trail. Get those showshoes ready deeper show is comming.......

Buford T. Porcupine


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