Buford - Fireplace Chat

It has snowed down below but not much to do anything with. The mountains presence shows more snow in depth from a distance. This morning looking out through the trees, the sun finaly shows through. From a angle the sun light on the trees is pleasing. A nice sidelight affect I admire.
From the other window I look out, again through the trees, a wall of white off in the distance . What a wonderful sight the first sunlight on the Mountains . The shadows that are vivid not yet hit by the sun are a artist dream to paint with or play around with in even my photography.
23.7 degrees sets the tone of the day . After my coffee and in the comfort of my rocker by the fireplace, I contemplate about my day and what adventures I might be after. Umm I guess we shall see!

See you down the trail......

Buford T. Porcupine


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Todd,

When did you make the move from MIchigan to Alaska? (and why?)

Mike Brown

5:15 AM  

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