Brrr its cold outside

Burr it's cold! Hello all, it's hard to imagine why each of us lives where we do. While those of you that live in the lower 48 states, wonder why those of us choose to live so far up north in the land of frozen tundra and such cold temperatures. It's all part of the Alaskan adventure. Feeling rugged and remote from the rest of the lower 48. The trade off as we near the end of February, is that we're up to 9 hours of light and gaining.
Anyone who is into the great outdoors, whats the motto? "No such thing as bad weather just inadequate dressing!" You got it. I managed to get outside, dressed in layers, early this morning well after sunrise and found Fred bedded down close by the cabin. The outdoor thermometer is on one of the birch trees close to the cabin, and it read minus 40! Oh but what a day it was for me in my daily adventures around the area. Saw a total of 5 moose today as well as birds at the feeders as well as many other wonderful wintery situations I look for. You? Doesn't matter if it's cold, I still find I look forward to the days adventure. With a full day of sunshine, I've over looked at how cold it is and just managed to get on with the day. Ah to top it off, a finish resting back at the cabin in my favorite rocker by the fireplace feeling the wamth and the wonderful memories of todays adventures. Enjoy the day!
Hey see you down the trail somewhere. Buford T. Porcupine


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