Crazy for the M's

Hello all trailbuds, hope all your summer adventures were just as exciting as mine. Crazy for the M's. Thats right, Mountains, Moose and Mushrooms. Summer is over and on into fall. Leaves are turning and some are even falling. August was a great month of adventure up here in Alaska. One place I always make a visit to is the Matanuska Glacier. Though, as I found out this year due to the global warming starting to happen, the glacier has shrunk in width and height but still retains its length. Sure can't tell from this picture, as the glacier dwarfs these 2 climbers. Still it is awsome to be out on this massive ice flow and to take a look about. Seeing this big ice mountain, all the ridges and cuts and the different grooves made by time. It's always worth making the visit to.

Moose, I can never get enough of this big deer. Though it is moose hunting season here now, I always hope for a sighting of them where I am traveling to. These 3 just showed up one afternoon along side a road I was traveling on making my way to the mountains. Had to stop...and so did everyone else. I got my share of pictures of them before they moved back off into the woods. And I'm sure as fall gets here, there will be many more opportunities to find and photograpgh more moose. Still to be in their presence and see the size of a moose up close. Wow are they big! When you come across the moose, time is well spent just watching and observing whatever time you are granted.

Mushrooms! They're everywhere! Always makes me feel like a big kid crawling around in the woods trying to photogragh every type I come across. From singles, to doubles, to groups of them. Though I never pick any of them, due to not knowing which is good for you and those of which are bad for you. Still the many varieties are fun to toy with, taking only pictures and leaving no footsteps. So now as we move into September, catching up on all I've put off around this ole place due to the adventures, it's time to get ready for fall. Because winter is not that far off and with that comes the shorter days of light up here. So I hope you all will get out and enjoy the fall colors where ever that might be. Get out get some fresh air to the lungs, hike for the health of it. Enjoy your surroundings as the seasons fade all to quickly.

Hey see you down the trail somewhere.

Buford T. Porcupine


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