The Colors of Fall...

Hello trail buddies, fall has come and gone in Alaska. Many of the colors, as well as the adventures, were all too memorable. Up in the early morning's as usual, pre-dawn for many of the sunrises, I finally, with some patience and persistence, was able to get in close to the spruce grouse. In my travels around the area, I've seen this bird along the back roads, always having the worst kind of luck coming upon them as they suddenly flew up into the nearest evergreen or running for cover. With a little luck being patient, I found more than enough opportunites to creep up on this bird throughout this fall season. In my last encounter with the spruce grouse, not only did I get in close enough to grab all the photos I felt I needed, I pursued this game bird into the woods. As in many of the wildlife I come across, I try to educate myself as much as possible. In my reading about this bird, they are pretty tame bird, as well as kind of stupid. I was able to maintain a distance about 25 to 30 feet between the grouse and myself.

Occasionally, the bird would fly high up to a evergreen to poke around for food. Mostly just leading me through the woods, poking around the fall leaves, grabing the evening's dinner - whatever that might be. Still, the male spruce grouse is a pretty colorful bird to watch. Many outdoors enthusiasts I talk to that choose to hunt in the fall, find this bird easy hunting as well as a nice meal. My hunting is just with the camera, as I can always go back and look at my trophy shots later on. Now into October, I'm off on a real distant adventure across the United States heading for warmer weather. Work is all done around this ol' log home, wood piled and waiting for the fireplace and the rocker awaits for me on my return . So trail buds keep at it with all your adventures.

Hey see you down the trail somewhere.

Buford T. Porcupine


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