Adventures of the Green Kayak

Just a little loonie for loons. Well I am back at it again monitoring several lakes, sitting in my green kayak. Ideally it would be nice to have little to no wind but unfortunately on this afternoon the wind was blowing 5-10 miles an hour. After locating the loon on her nest, trying to align for the best photo was near impossible. Seems just as I would get lined up, the wind would drift me over past where I wanted be. I would turn around, reposition and try it again. After a few hours of drifting and realigning, I was happy with what results I had gotten. I headed back to shore with thoughts of pursuing another kayak adventure another day, looking for more loon opportunities through this summer. Hey...go kayaking. You to will find as I do, how close you can get drifting up on the waterfowl, taking only pictures and memories to reflect back on.

See you on the water somewhere...
Buford T. Porcupine


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