April flew by

Hello all curious trail buds, Well I knew this was going to happen. Always does this time of year with me. Up here in Alaska come March into April we get the longer daylight and I just got to get out and forget my duties around the cabin and the desk. April came and went. Most of my time was spent out and about looking/scouting. Lakes and rivers I frequent were still frozen and no such luck seeing anything. It's that transitional period between the leaving of winter and the arrival of spring. But I still get out and fill my lungs with fresh air. Kinda makes me glad I'm alive. Still the month of April was just quiet out in the woods with just a few sightings of moose and of course my favorite bird calling off in the distance the Chickadee.

Well I'm off down the trail somewhere, find me if you can.

Buford T. Porcupine


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