Spring Waterfowl Hunting

Welcome to spring- waterfowl hunting but with a camera! Oh it's been a busy spring up here for me. Lots of ducks returning. Seems like every spring produces new and more interesting opportunities with all the waterfowl. Some I have seen before and others with a little patience and perseverance have given me great results. Being an early morning riser helps in my dedication to my passion for photographing all of the great outdoors. But, I must admit, I do love the challenges of trying to get the best photos I can from all the wildlife I encounter. So far this spring, hunts have produced a lot of new pictures of the many different types of ducks I have encountered. Though the time spent can be ridiculous, sometimes producing its own set of stresses that makes even the wary person wonder why one would put himself through the chase.
Though one cannot eat its take at the end of the day after the hunt, only look back at the wonderful memories spent viewing the many varieties of waterfowl taking home only pictures. I hope in all of your summer adventures you too will have such wonderful memories and good opportunities as I have so far this spring. And summer is just starting for me. Wait patiently my trail buddies there is more to come.
Hey see you down the trail somewhere,

Buford T. Porcupine


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