January 14th 2006

As I sit alone in the darkness in my favorite rocker by the fireplace, several logs tossed in has stirred up the warm coals from not so long ago. As the fire warms and the logs heat up, light soon appears filling the room of this ole cabin. I watch the shadows dance about the room from the fire. Staring out about the room, my mind quickly ponders thoughts of a new year and wonder where the last one went. It is still dark here outside at 8:25 am. And the temperature is at 1.9 degrees. For the past several nights the moon has been out. Emitting a such a bright glow, it looks like daylight. No clouds and very cold.
Emotions still embrace me from last night from reviewing the slides I had recieved. Quickly opening them as if it were Christmas for me. I am overjoyed at the many varieties of subjects that are there for my viewing pleasure. Each and every one of them get scrutinized for flaws up close. All of the elements must be there for this editors approval. I am quickly drawn back to all those moments in time I caught on film of the many wildlife subjects I persue. I am over-whelmed that all the parts have come together. Still it is a accumulation of time and endless efforts in pursuing my outdoor passion. In the end the results speak for them selves.
Light now creeps into the room, coming from outside. Through the trees, the mountain's whiteness illuminates. Moon slowly sinking down towards the mountain tops. It is now 8.8 degrees and at 9:33 am I guess I better get on with this day. You're burning daylight! Off to another day of adventure with more subjects to be had. Though it will be a cold one. I've always reminded myself of a motto that has stuck in my head, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate dressing!" For each and everyone of us who possess the true passion for the great outdoors, this is a code to live by. Up out of the rocker and with this day.

Hey see down the trail somewhere.
Buford T. Porcupine


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