Memories Of March

Hello all trail buddies stopping in to read what I've been up to. While the longer days are finally here, I've both stayed around home and strayed as well. Out in the evening for a walk through the white birches, I discovered moose poop! I guess that's nothing to get excited about, but for me, it is. Signs of moose in the area passing through my domain. As I made my way farther down the trail I managed to scare up a moose who didn't mind me, only moving over a few feet to sit back down with his backside to me. What an awesome sight! Since then I've spent a few minutes with this same moose only to discover that he is a bull. Displaying a nice beard and bumps just above his eyes. Oh, this is going to be fun around the cabin this summer with a bull hanging around. Checking on a regular basis, I see moose prints in the snow and where he's browsed amd more moose poop. Temperatures are cool in the mornings when the skies are clear and getting into the high 30s - 40s during the day. On a regular basis, when I am around the cabin, I take my evening walk into the woods for a look about. I love the long shadows casting from the birches as the sun heads down.

Now as I stated, I've also strayed from the cabin as well. Yes, you got it - off to the mountains. One of the trips was into the Mt. McKinley boundaries to see the sun set on the big mountain. On several occasions up to my favorite area, Hatcher Pass; I needed nothing more than a fleece along with light coverings and the snowshoes; as temps were into the middle 30s, baby blue skies and not a cloud to be seen.

Now that April is upon us, a walk into the woods is just a little harder, as each step I take - I sink. Almost falling forward before catching myself. Frustrating to say the least. The longer light will keep me outside more, looking to see all the changes that come with spring. Snow is definitely on its way out. Chickadees are coming daily to the feeders with visits from both the Hairy and Downy woodpeckers. Oh, April will be an exciting time to watch for returning birds as well as waterfowl to any little openings that might show itself in the surrounding lakes. I thoroughly expect this to be another busy spring and summer for Buford. And as much as I enjoy my rocker beside the fireplace, I find I am putting less logs in the fire now and heading outside for all that fresh air. Hope you all are doing the same as well. I include pictures of my adventures hoping they will inspire you to create your own adventures, whatever those might be. Well, I am sure you don't want me to rattle on about how much fun I am having, so I only hope you are doing the same. Hey, see you down the trail.

Buford T. Porcupine


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