By the Glow of the Fireplace

February 28th, 2006

Glow and warmth from the fireplace that has lit part of my face, warms the side that must do all the profound thinking of what I do up here. Fire, as defined in the dictionary, one of many definitions I've read : to glow as if on fire; to become inflamed with passion; to become excited.

As winter lingers on, now leaving February behind and March here; the daylight hours now longer and increasing . I get excited and passionate about all the possibilities looking towards spring. Spring up here in Alaska is called breakup.

With the chickadees calling out around this place, trees swaying to the wind, snow still quite deep for the snowshoer in all of us, it is the longer daylight that holds me more to the outdoors. Leaving my favorite spot next to the fireplace. Although I must admit I love the warmth and glow coming from the fireplace and often find it hard to leave. But my true passion is for the great outdoors . When I reflect on all the creatures I've photographed, all the paths I've persued whether through some woods or up some steep mountain side trail, I just get excited! Because I know there will always be more for me, more than what I will ever need, more than what I will ever see in this lifetime. Spring brings renewal for all of us. To get out and explore all the possibities. To me it can be all so over-whelming. My inner peace glows as if on fire, being out in all of the outdoors. I suppose there are many more profound deep thoughts buried inside of me, left for another time at this rocker beside the fireplace. Oh well, time to toss in another log. Hey see you down the trail somewhere.

Buford T. Porcupine


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