March Thoughts

March 11, 2006
It now is March around the cabin. The longer light is increasing day by day. Sitting less in the rocker by the fireplace as I am out enjoying the days light. Though the early morning coldness is still with us, temperatures are warming up during the day. The iditirod off and running, it was truly amazing to see the power that these 16 dogs have pulling a sled and a musher. Sounds that resonate coming from all the dog teams anxiously waiting their turn to the start of this yearly race over 1100 miles to the finish line in Nome. These dogs are born and breed for this, and they love to run. But it is equally exciting to share, by all the peolpe that come to show their support. Fashionable wearing their fur headgear. While others just stare as if they would never be caught wearing such regalia. I personaly love my coyote hat and matching mittens. It is just fitting of my personality that goes along with the log cabin and living off in alaska in the wild.
Shadows are drawn out through the woods coming from all of the white birches as the sun rises around this cabin. Spring is near with the occasional chickadee teasing me with his call. I look forward to being out with them and getting pictures of this friendly little bird. Well I am burning daylight around here, the smell of maple sausage on the stove, hot coffee and pancakes on the griddle, guess where I am headed? Hey! See you down the trail somewhere!
Buford T. Porcupine


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will you be posting more pictures now that Spring has Sprung. It's time to let us SEE what you've been up to.

5:04 AM  

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