Alaska Winter Wonderland

January 19th 2006

Well, hello all trail buddies who stop in to look around. January up here has produced some mighty cold temperatures. In the Matanuska valley temperatures have dropped to - minus 24 below zero and lower the more north you go. Only reaching a high of - 5 degrees. Moose hunting has been over for quite some time; antlers have fallen off Bullwinkle. Moose have come down out of the mountains because of deeper snow. They stick to areas of good browsing. And for some odd reason they like to bed down around our homes. Must be the warmth coming from the cabin. The smell of a good fire. Not that they could care about the fire. But sure is nice to come home and find one of the local woods residents hanging around the cabin . It just makes it comforting to know moose out there find this this ole cabin a safe refuge . Hell of a lawn ornament wouldn't you say?

January 29th 2006

Frigid temperatures have frosted the landscape everywhere you look. It has made for some fantastic cold adventures out early morning still trying to catch first light . What area cracks lay in the creeks and rivers find themselves to the surface, casting an icefog that paints the landscapes.
Yet I still, despite the cold, feel the urge to get up and get out in all of this wintery splendor.

Brrrrrrrrrr! Well trailbuddies, hope you're all having fun in your wintery adventures. See you down the trail.

Buford T. Porcupine


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